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Unwanted Pregnancy Pills in Dubai

Unwanted pregnancy pills in Dubai, If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering an abortion as a solution to your situation. Because we care about your health and well-being, we want you to know the facts. Medical abortion is a low-risk, non-invasive way to terminate (end) a pregnancy. The success rate is up to 98 percent, which is only slightly lower than the rate for surgical abortion.

Why do some women prefer medical abortion?

  • No anesthesia or surgery required
  • They feel more in control
  • They may feel it is less invasive
  • More natural
  • It’s more like a miscarriage
  • It’s more private
  • They have the abortion at home

 Safe abortion pills

Safe Abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated in its early stage before it results in the birth of a child. Get a safe and professional Abortion with no side effects, Call or WhatsApp +27638167664  for superior private abortion services. We are a private abortion alternative to Planned Parenthood Specializing in early pregnancy we have world-renowned early abortion Pills that are safe and pain-free, offer abortion counseling, and review important abortion facts with you.

When to take a Pregnancy Test after Abortion?

A woman comes to know the abortion is done when side effects cease. But, for final confirmation, you need to test after 14 days of the termination.

Will I Face Any Health Issues After Medical Abortion?

There are no problems after a successful medical abortion. but It is untrue that the abortion pill causes risks to future pregnancy, birth defects, breast cancer, or any other health issues.

When Will the Order Get Delivered?

We normally ship the products within a few minutes (express and overnight shipping) or after 24 hours from the booking confirmation. But It takes around 12 to 15 business days to reach the items to the customer.

What is an Abortion Pill?

An abortion pill is a medication combination of tablets used to terminate an early pregnancy.
Medical procedure grants complete privacy, and costs less than surgery.

Is Medical Abortion Safe in the  Clinic?

All the products are safe and efficient on our website. But We dispense only FDA-approved drugs, and quality checks each before shipping. We procure medications from renowned manufacturers. The Pills have no long-lasting ill effects.

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