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What is a surgical termination of pregnancy?

What is a surgical termination of pregnancy?, Surgical termination of pregnancy involves a minor operation. A vacuum aspiration using gentle suction will be used to remove the pregnancy and takes approximately 5-10 minutes from start to finish.

Can there be any complications or risks?

Many women worldwide have undergone this procedure, and it has proven to have a very good safety record.

Every form of treatment has some risk or side effect.  With surgical termination, the main risks, though very small, are:

  • Excessive vaginal bleeding (this occurs less than 1 out of every 1000 terminations)
  • Failed abortion or ongoing pregnancy (around 2.3 terminations out of every 1000)

Uterine perforation (damage to the womb) is rare but can occur in 1-4 per 1000 terminations.  Damage to the cervix can also occur (no more than 1 case per 100 terminations).

Are there any benefits to this type of procedure?

Yes, there is, as surgical termination using local anaesthetic techniques permits a faster recovery and return to normal activity.  It avoids the small risk associated with general anaesthesia and reduces the risk of injury to you.

However, this procedure is only available to women who are less than eleven weeks pregnant and is not suitable for those who do not think they can tolerate discomfort or be able to cooperate with the doctor during the procedure.

A local anaesthetic procedure means you can leave the clinic as soon as you feel ready.  You do not have to wait a minimum of two hours before discharge.  However, we do recommend you do not drive yourself home

How will the termination be carried out?

This depends on how many weeks you are into your pregnancy, your health and the choices available.

  • Local anaesthetic termination of pregnancy (up to and including 10 weeks and done in the outpatient department or in the theatre)
  • Medical termination of pregnancy (up to 9 weeks)
  • Surgical Termination of Pregnancy (up to 14 weeks)
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