Category: What should I expect during a medication abortion?

What should I expect during a medication abortion?

What should I expect during a medication abortion? For some, a medication abortion may cause vaginal bleeding that is much heavier than a menstrual period. The bleeding may be like a miscarriage. There may be severe cramping. There also may be nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills.

Your healthcare professional should explain what to expect in terms of pain, bleeding, and passing the pregnancy. Also, you should have a follow-up plan with your healthcare professional to be sure that the abortion is complete.

Does having an abortion affect your future health?
It’s important to know that in most cases abortion does not affect future health. Abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer, depression, or infertility.

How Effective Is The Abortion Pill?

Very effective! About 98% of clients have a successful abortion when using the pill. Our staff will stay in contact with you throughout your process until we are sure that your abortion is successful, and you are well.

How Safe Is The Abortion Pill?

Very safe! It has been used by hundreds of thousands of people in South Africa since the year 2000 and millions of women worldwide for over 20 years. There are no indications that the abortion pill affects a woman’s ability to have a baby when she is ready – neither getting pregnant nor staying pregnant in the future is affected by using the abortion pill.

Bleeding & Cramping

Most people can expect very heavy bleeding with this method, and it is normal to pass some large clots. Bleeding may continue off and on for several days or weeks and can range from a light flow or spotting to heavier, like a period. Cramping is normal with this type of abortion and may be much worse than a period. Pain medication will be prescribed.

Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Weakness, and a Fever

Sometimes these symptoms can be a side effect of the pills. Call our office immediately if, more than 24 hours after taking the pills, you experience symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness with or without abdominal pain, or with or without fever.

Does Abortion Pill Reversal Treatment Work?

Many women report successful pregnancies after effective abortion pill reversal treatment. Statistically, 64-68 percent of pregnancies proceed to term after women choose the reversal protocol. The sooner you start treatment, the higher your possibility is of continuing your pregnancy.

There is still nearly a 50 percent chance of a successful pregnancy if you don’t take the second abortion pills, but also decide not to take the progesterone treatment to reverse your abortion.

When considering abortion, we can first help you by:

  1. Confirming you’re pregnant-ThriVe offers lab-quality pregnancy tests performed by medical professionals.  You will know the test results at your appointment.
  2. Making sure your pregnancy is viable- ThriVe offers limited obstetric ultrasounds, which can confirm the viability of your pregnancy. Up to 10% – 25% of early pregnancies may end in miscarriage1. Avoid unnecessary costs and potentially high-risk and/or painful procedures that you may not need. We can also refer you to a specialist if we find you might have a condition that requires their attention.
  3. Getting tested for STI/STDs – You could be at risk for serious health conditions that can affect your future if you have an active STI/STD and have an abortion procedure. Get your STI/STD testing done first. Thrive can do that for you.
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