Category: What should I expect during the abortion process at home?

What should I expect during the abortion process at home?

What should I expect during the abortion process at home?, You will need to allow at least 12 hours where you can rest comfortably in a quiet location with easy access to a bathroom.  You must have the support of a responsible adult whom you can call upon to assist you if required, and you must be within 1 hour of a public hospital.+27638167664

Misoprostol causes cramping pain and bleeding, usually within one to six hours of using the tablets. Pain can range from mild, period-like pain to severe, disabling pain.

Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can occur to any woman during her reproductive years. All contraceptives can sometimes fail, so you should not blame yourself if you find yourself in this situation. Current statistics show that in Australia, 1 in 3 women will have a pregnancy termination (abortion) at some time during their lives.

How does the abortion pill work?

The two medications have the generic name mifepristone and misoprostol.

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone, which blocks the action of progesterone, a hormone essential for the establishment and development of a pregnancy. It also changes the uterine lining, causing the pregnancy to detach. This is taken during the initial visit to the clinic after the doctor has confirmed the age and location of the pregnancy with an ultrasound scan.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a procedure that uses medications to terminate a pregnancy from between 5 weeks to 9 weeks (63 days) from the first day of your last period. Medical abortions have been safely provided to women in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, and New Zealand for the last two decades and have recently been made available in Australia.

Is medical abortion suitable for me?

Many women will choose to have a medical abortion because they may prefer to avoid undergoing a procedure with IV sedation. In some cases, women may have conditions that make a surgical abortion difficult to perform. Or you may prefer this option because it allows the process to take place at home

How many weeks pregnant am I?

The start of the pregnancy is, by convention, measured by the number of weeks since the first day of your last period. This is abbreviated to LMP (weeks since Last Menstrual Period) and is about two weeks earlier than the date of conception

Pregnancy symptoms

A missed period doesn’t always mean you are pregnant. There are other medical reasons such as stress, a hormone imbalance, or weight issues that can cause a change in your menstrual cycle. See if you are also experiencing any of these other early signs of pregnancy¹:

  • Sore or very tender breasts
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Increasing need to urinate
  • Fatigue
  • Light spotting or mild cramping
  • Moodiness

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is time to verify your pregnancy with a free pregnancy test from our clinic. Schedule your test today.

 A viable pregnancy

A pregnancy test measures the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your body. This is the hormone your body produces during early pregnancy. A positive test reveals you have the hCG hormone in your body, but it does NOT tell you if the pregnancy is viable.

For your pregnancy to be viable² and progressing, you need a heartbeat. Anywhere from 10 to 20% of pregnancies end naturally with a miscarriage. Before you make a decision about your unplanned pregnancy, you need to confirm viability. An ultrasound is your next step. You also need to know where the pregnancy is located. It can be very dangerous if your pregnancy is found in any other place but your uterus. After you have received a positive test result from our clinic, you may be offered a free ultrasound to check the viability of your pregnancy.

The test is positive, now what?

Our caring staff is ready and willing to listen. We want you to know you are not alone. No matter what the outcome, this will always be a life-changing decision. We want to hear about your situation and share the options you have. Remember, every test and conversation we have is strictly confidential with no judgment. You can trust the staff at North Care Women’s Clinic.

Schedule time with us today.

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