Category: Where can I get an abortion in BUDAIYA?

Where can I get an abortion in Budaiya?

Go to our Find a Clinic page to see a full listing of abortion clinics in Budaiya. Be sure to only go to one of the abortion clinics listed on this page. But All other clinics do NOT offer abortion services, and you will have to redo your pregnancy options counseling and sonogram at the clinic where you will have your abortion.

What is a Medication Abortion?

The most common medication abortion regimen in the United States involves the use of two different medications: mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone, sold under the brand name Mifeprex and also known as the abortion pill, RU-486, blocks progesterone.

The most effective way to induce an abortion with FDA-approved abortion pills (99% effective) is:

  • Step 1: swallow a 200 mg tablet of mifepristone with a glass of water to block the hormone progesterone, which helps line the uterus during pregnancy.
  • Step 2: up to 48 hours later, take an 800 mcg dose of misoprostol to increase uterine contractions.

Can young people get abortions without parental permission?

If you are under 18 and want to get an abortion but cannot notify or get consent from one parent or legal guardian, you can apply to get permission from a judge, instead. This is called a judicial bypass. How far into my pregnancy can I have an abortion?

Budaiya law allows you to have a surgical abortion up to 20 weeks (5 months) into your pregnancy. Budaiya law measures pregnancy by gestational age, but most clinics measure by last menstrual period (LMP).

How much do abortions cost? How will I pay for my abortion?

The cost of an abortion varies depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy and which abortion clinic you choose. The average cost of an abortion is around $500 in the first trimester, and will greatly increase to $850 or more in the second trimester. The earlier you are in your pregnancy, the less expensive the abortion will be.

How safe are abortion pills?

Medication abortion is so safe that it could be sold over-the-counter (OTC) without a prescription if not for political considerations. Fewer than 4 people out of 1,000 will have serious complications requiring hospitalization, infusion, or surgery. To put that into perspective, acetaminophen (Tylenol), is the foremost cause of acute liver failure in the U.S., sometimes accounting for nearly 25% of emergency department visits per year.


Where can I learn more about abortion?

  • Planned Parenthood: Find information specifically for teens about birth control, sex, pregnancy options, relationships, STIs, and more.
  • National Abortion Federation: Information about pregnancy options, what to expect before and after your abortion, help to find an abortion provider and myths and facts about abortion.
  • My Sistahs: Learn about HIV/AIDS, STIs, birth control, abortion, sexual violence, and healthy relationships from young women of color.
  • Yo Soy: National campaign to end the stigma and silence around sex education, birth control, abortion, & young parenting within the Latina/o community.
  • Guttmacher: Learn the cold, hard facts about the safety of abortion, abortion laws in each state, abortion incidence, etc.
  • UCSF: Learn about your abortion options and how they differ (surgical abortion vs. abortion with pills).
  • Scarleteen: This article breaks down different abortion options. They also have great posts on early pregnancy symptoms (and what else might cause them) and pregnancy scares.


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