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Women’s clinic in Abu Dhabi

Women’s clinic in Abu Dhabi, In conclusion, abortion services should be accessible to all women. Above all, women know what is good for their lives. At Doctor Neo abortion clinic in Abu Dhabi, we believe that the education system in Africa in general should change. This needs to be done to include more lessons concerning Abortion and women’s reproductive health. This will reduce the high death rate of women during pregnancy and during birth. For same-day, safe, and cheap abortion services, call Dr Neo. Students get a 20% discount, and clients without work also get a discount. Our friendly advisors are waiting to assist you with respect.

Women’s abortion clinic for professional services.

We offer in-clinic abortion services (You can do the whole process in our facilities). For four clients who want to do the process in the comfort of their homes, we sell medically approved abortion pills to them so that we can do it at home but under our supervision. For more on our termination services, please visit one of our branches or call/WhatsApp us for the best advice. We have the best and most well-equipped abortion clinics in the country with the best care while you go through this hard time. Most of our directors are women, and hence they have always emphasized the need to help women in these tough times. We have a special discount for the employed and students. Call us to find out if you qualify for this special discount.

How does an Abortion Pill work?

Lastly, we use abortion pills which cause the embryo to detach from the uterus, thereby cutting off essential nutrients and oxygen carried by the blood. Other pills then trigger the evacuation of the  through the vagina. This often appears as a heavy period flow. In conclusion, we are here to help you all the way.

Lastly, The clients will be given womb-cleaning pills to remove any remaining blood. We do this to ensure the safety of our clients at no extra cost. Furthermore, our client’s safety is our main concern.

5 reasons to Choose Dr. Neo’s abortion clinic in Abu Dhabi

  • We have the most experienced staff in town.

Of all the many abortion clinics in Acornhoek, we have the most experienced, supportive, and understanding medical staff in the field anywhere in and around town.

  • We offer the best but affordable services.

The experienced staff makes our abortion clinic stand out from other abortion clinics in Acornhoek by offering the best services at a relatively low price. This is evident as we are the only women’s health clinic in Acornhoek to offer a 20% discount to students and the unemployed.

  • We offer free womb-cleaning pills in Acornhoek and all our other branches.
  • We offer counseling and post-abortion follow-up at no extra cost.
  • Women’s health clinic in Acornhoek offers free scans.

Our Guarantee to you

We cover you under our insurance policy during the time you are at our clinic. For our enrollment business account and for our Facebook account. Or visit the official abortion Wikipedia for more information

We use medically approved abortion pills as shown above. We also sell abortion pills to our clients who would love to do the process at home. Firstly, the instructions for how to use the pills are very simple and no medical experience is needed to use them.

Secondly, these pills work by stopping the body from producing the pregnancy hormone. This causes the pregnancy to be expelled from the body. The list below explains the different types of abortion:

What colour is the blood after an abortion?

  • Medical abortion pills: This is where abortion pills are used to terminate the pregnancy, as explained above.
  • Surgical abortion: This is where specialized machines are used to do abortions.

If you were to ask for our professional advice on which process to undergo to terminate, using pills would be our answer. Abortion pills have a number of advantages compared to surgical abortion. Among others, a few are listed below which explains the fact why this is the most preferred method at all our branches to help people on the ground looking for an abortion clinic in Verulam plus an abortion clinic in George among others.

  • They can be used at home.
  • Pills are quick and safe.
  • Abortion pills are relatively cheaper compared to surgical methods.
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