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Abortion clinic in Menlyn

All private specialized abortion clinic in Menlyn do medical abortions. Remember, Medical abortion is the termination of pregnancy with a pill. The medical option is not that cheap at some of these clinics. For example, Marie Stopes charges, R1000 for termination with a pill. But it is your call. If you want the pill from these types of clinics, a simple Google search will come in handy. Women’s Choice Charges R600 for the pill and can be reached via call or WhatsApp at +27 638167664

Remember, all private clinics have differing prices. Call and ask about the cost of medical abortion. That is the pill option. You will get the right answer.

Abortion Pill Online in South Africa | Buy Pills Online in South Africa

You can also get the pill online – if this is your option, WhatsApp +27 638167664 You will be assisted.

Some people know exactly what is involved in using the abortion pill and know it is very safe. Getting abortion pills online is an option for you.

Abortion Pills in South African Pharmacies

Most abortion pills are also available in pharmacies, as they are used to treat several other conditions other than terminate pregnancies.

The only difficulty is that you can not get the pills from the pharmacy without a prescription. And no doctor will give you a prescription to buy an abortion pill from the pharmacy. You will not get a prescription stating pill for abortion. That will not happen.

Where can you Buy the Abortion Pill for sale in Menlyn

As alluded to you earlier it will be online, at your GP or termination clinics, or at hospitals. You will get abortion pills at clinics both public and private.

At the end of the process, you emerge with abortion pills.

If you go into their (clinics and hospitals) and brazenly request abortion pills, they will frown on you. You have to request for medical abortion and go through their acrobatics.

Procedures For Safe Abortions

Pregnancy can be terminated using either a medical or surgical process. The correct process for your termination will depend on the stage of your pregnancy and your preference.

Privacy And Confidentiality

The identity of a patient who has requested or obtained a termination of pregnancy shall remain confidential at all times unless she herself chooses to disclose that information.

Womb Cleaning Pills

Womb cleaning pills after an abortion to clean & cleanse your womb. Our womb-cleaning pills will help your body recover from a miscarriage or pregnancy termination.

Abortion Counselling

Our goal is to improve and promote quality of life in South Africa by providing solutions to maternal and infant mortality and preventing risky, unsafe, illegal abortions.

Legal Abortion Clinic

Every woman should be able to make choices about her pregnancy. our job is to provide compassionate care safely, Affordable, and confidentially.

The gestation of your pregnancy, or ‘how many weeks pregnant you are’, is counted from the first day of your last period. Medication abortion can be provided between 1 week and sixteen weeks of pregnancy.  In fact, many providers will not help you if you go beyond 28 weeks

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