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Abortion Pills in Swakopmund

The “abortion pills in Swakopmund” use a combination of two drugs to abort pregnancies up to 70 days (10 weeks). The first drug (mifepristone) breaks down the baby’s connection to the mother, eventually resulting in his/her death. The second drug (misoprostol) causes strong cramps and heavy bleeding that expels the embryo.

It is possible that you may see identifiable body parts if she is beyond 8 weeks. But by 10 weeks, the developing baby is over one inch in length with clearly recognizable arms, legs, hands, and feet.  Information is lacking about the long-term mental health effects of the abortion pill, particularly, how women feel about giving themselves an abortion and seeing baby parts expelled.

How do I know?

Have you missed a period? Maybe you took a home pregnancy test, but are not sure if it is accurate. What do you do now?

The next step is to take a lab-quality pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. We offer these tests for no charge and our counselors and nurses are here to answer any questions that you may have.

When can I take the abortion pill?

Research indicates that the abortion pill is recommended to be taken prior to 10 weeks of pregnancy (since your last menstruation). You can calculate how far along you are thanks to a pregnancy calculator.

If you are pregnant at more than 10 weeks, you might consider another safe abortion method called Manual Vacuum Aspiration.

You can eat and drink normally during the medical abortion. The only time it is not recommended to eat or drink is the 30 minutes while you have Misoprostol pills in your mouth. This is to avoid swallowing the pills by mistake.


What kind of assessment is recommended after a medication abortion?

Routine in-person follow-up is not necessary after an uncomplicated medication abortion. Clinicians should offer patients the choice of self-assessment or clinical follow-up evaluation to assess medication abortion success. If medically indicated or preferred by the patient, follow-up evaluation can be performed by medical history, clinical examination, serum human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) testing, or ultrasonography.

How long do I need to wait to have sex after using abortion pills?

You can have sex whenever you want after having an abortion. If you are still bleeding from the abortion, it is best if you can use a condom to reduce the chance of getting an infection.

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