Tag: Can I drive after my abortion procedure?

Can I drive after my abortion procedure?

Can I drive after my abortion procedure?, You should not drive for 24 hours following a surgical procedure. Your ability to drive depends on the abortion procedure that you choose. Most patients who choose a non-surgical procedure are able to drive after their appointment. You can be arrested for all three. And you can injure, or worse, kill another person on the road under the influence of all three.

If you are having Abortion Surgery you need to bring a friend, family member, or significant other to drive for you.

How Does the Abortion Pill Work?

The Abortion Pill has a higher rate of success for early pregnancies within 49 days or 7 weeks. Non-surgical or medical abortion is actually a program of possibly two sets of pills. The Abortion Pill or Mifeprex (Mifepristone, RU-486) blocks the hormone needed for pregnancy to continue. The second medication is Misoprostol (Cytotec) which makes the uterus contract, expelling the pregnancy similar to a miscarriage.

How is Trimester Surgical Abortion Performed?

The method for first-trimester surgical abortion is called vacuum aspiration or suction curettage.  If you choose IV Sedation, the Doctor of Anesthesiology will administer the anesthesia at this time and remain by your side during the procedure. Once you are fully asleep, the Doctor places an instrument called the speculum which holds the sides of your vagina open.

When can I have sex or intercourse?

After an abortion, you should not have sex or intercourse until after your follow-up appointment (a minimum of three weeks after your abortion procedure). Depending on your recovery, our doctors will consult with you on when you may resume sexual activities without worry of infection or other complications.

His follow-up is important, and there is no question that is too personal or embarrassing that you shouldn’t ask. You can count on the staff of Women’s Health Clinic, Inc. to respect your privacy and answer your questions and concerns before and after an abortion procedure

What is an abortion?

In the event of an unwanted pregnancy, a woman has the right to choose to voluntarily end her pregnancy.  The surgical procedure is available with several sedation options ranging from Local Anesthesia, Intramuscular (IM/Twilight), or IV Sedation.

At Women’s Health Clinic, Inc., we provide surgical and non-surgical pregnancy termination services for women with unwanted, early pregnancies. Our abortion clinic provides these services with understanding, care, and confidentiality. Click here to learn more.

Is abortion safe?

Abortion is safe. According to medical studies, early abortion is eleven times safer than giving birth. On rare occasions, there are complications for which most abortion clinics take special precautions.

In our experience as an abortion clinic, complications from abortions are very rare. Women’s Health Clinic, Inc. is proud of our long reputation for providing the very best medical care to our patients.

Is abortion painful?

Fear of the unknown is normal – especially when considering abortion. Although each person experiences pain differently from others, most patients experience pain during most abortion procedures. We recommend surgical abortion with full sedation for your comfort and ease.

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