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How do I get an abortion?

How do I get an abortion?, You can visit a Healthy Sexuality Clinic or your family doctor for a referral or call an abortion clinic
directly. Be aware that some individuals or organizations may discourage you from seeking a termination.

How will you feel?

Your reaction to having an abortion is unique and personal. Let how you feel be your guide. Whatever you are feeling, it is helpful to talk to a supportive person. But  If you feel that speaking with a counselor would help you, if you have
more questions or just want to talk, please call Peel Health or the clinic where you had your procedure. Ask the clinic for their website as it will have specific information about the clinic and the procedure.

How much does an abortion cost?

In Ontario, abortions are paid by the Ontario Health Card (OHIP). At some clinics, there is an extra fee which you must pay. The receptionist will let you know when you call for an appointment.

What happens during a medical abortion?

It requires a number of visits to the clinic. This process can take a few days to 2 weeks. Blood tests may be necessary to ensure that some hormones have decreased and you are no longer pregnant. Sometimes the medication does not work and a surgical  is

Is safe to terminate?

Abortions are very safe. The earlier the abortion is done, but the lower the chance of any complications. It
is important to remember that with any procedure there is always some risk of infection or bleeding.

Is an abortion painful?

During the abortion, either a local anesthetic (freezing of the cervix) or general anesthetic (making you unconscious) is given. You may have cramping (like a heavy menstrual period) for a short time. Extra medication is available for pain if needed.

Will I be able to have children after having an abortion?

Yes. If you have had a  termination, you can get pregnant again and have a normal pregnancy in the

What happens during a surgical abortion?

At a clinic, you will be given medication to make you relaxed and drowsy. In a hospital, you will be
given a general anesthetic to make you unconscious. During a surgical, the doctor puts a
speculum into the vagina to see the cervix (the opening into the uterus). T. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.

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