Tag: How do I know I’m still pregnant?

How do I know I’m still pregnant?

How do I know I’m still pregnant, The most conclusive way of finding out is to have an ultrasound done by your doctor or midwife to see the baby’s heartbeat. I say “most” conclusive, because even with an ultrasound, if you are early in your pregnancy, it can be difficult to see or detect a heartbeat with 100% accuracy.

How is an abortion performed?

Inject a numbing medication into or near your cervix. Stretch the opening of your cervix with a series of dilating rods. Insert a thin tube through your cervix into your uterus. Use a combination of medical tools and a suction device to gently take the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus.

What happens to your body after an abortion?

After having an abortion, you’ll probably have some period-type pains, stomach cramps, and vaginal bleeding. This should start to gradually improve after a few days but can last for 1 to 2 weeks. This is normal and is usually nothing to worry about. The bleeding is usually similar to normal period bleeding.
Excerpt. Abortion is the medical term for a pregnancy loss before 20 weeks of gestational age. The types of spontaneous abortion include threatened, inevitable, incomplete, complete, septic, and missed abortion.

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A missed abortion is a nonviable intrauterine pregnancy that has been retained within the uterus without spontaneous abortion. Typically, no symptoms exist besides amenorrhea,

What is the difference between threatened abortion and miscarriage?

A threatened abortion is vaginal bleeding that occurs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. The bleeding is sometimes accompanied by abdominal cramps.
If you have a miscarriage in your first trimester, you may choose to wait 7 to 14 days after a miscarriage for the tissue to pass out naturally. If the pain and bleeding have lessened or stopped completely during this time, this usually means the miscarriage has finished.

Can you have a miscarriage from not eating?

We often hear that smoking or alcohol or not eating enough of nutrient X causes miscarriages, and some of this is true.
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