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Where To Get Abortion Pill in Bahrain

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Abortion Pill Cost Cvs

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The active ingredient in Cytotec, misoprostol, is similar to prostaglandins, hormones that are responsible for reducing stomach acid production. Prostaglandins also promote wound healing, bleeding or clotting depending on the need, and uterine contractions. Cytotec cost is normally $115.99 at full price. A SingleCare Cytotec coupon reduces that price to $2.13 at participating pharmacies.

What are the side effects of Cytotec?

The possible side effects of Cytotec include but are not limited to, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, constipation, headache, indigestion, menstrual cramps, stomach cramps/pain, and increased menstruation.

Allergic reactions are possible.

Carefully follow your healthcare provider’s medical advice and directions for use. Ask your doctor what to expect when taking Cytotec, and report any side effects to your doctor.

How to get mail order Cytotec

SingleCare partners with GeniusRx to deliver mail-order Cytotec to your front door. With the SingleCare and GeniusRx home delivery program, when you mail order Cytotec online, you save on your Cytotec prescription and get Cytotec delivered to your home.

All patients must receive options  counseling prior to their abortion procedures

Before undergoing an abortion procedure in the state of Pennsylvania, all patients must be provided with counseling on the options of parenting, adoption, and abortion. This counseling will provide women with an opportunity to ask medical professionals questions about their various options


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