Abortion pill in Amman Jordan

Termination pills for sale in Polokwane

Termination pills for sale in Polokwane, All abortions/termination services include a scan, counseling, pre-med, the procedure, all the medication, a check-up 2 to 3 weeks later which includes another scan, and prevention advice.

Safe abortion pills in Polokwane

Always Safe Abortion can be provided From different outlets of Dr. Mark’s Abortion Clinic.

Safe Abortion: On your first visit to Dr.Mark’s Abortion Clinic, counseling is provided free of charge. The doctor performs a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy.
We shall explain to you how Safe abortion works, How long the medical termination procedure takes, The side effects of using medical abortion pills, and how to care for yourself after the medical termination procedure.

Guide for pregnancies of 13 to 24 weeks

Insert only two 200-mcg tablets (400 mcg total) under
the tongue or in the cheek. Hold tablets in the mouth
for 30 minutes to allow them to dissolve. After 30
minutes, and swallow any remaining bits with water. Wait
three hours before taking another dose.


Insert two more 200-mcg tablets (400-mcg total)
under the tongue or in the cheek every three hours until
the fetus and placenta come out. One more dose (two
200-mcg tablets) can be taken if the placenta does not
come out 30 minutes of the fetus.

Mifepristone 200 Mg Tablet


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