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Where can abortions take place?

Where can abortions take place? Due to the coronavirus, there are currently some changes to processes, and it’s more likely you may initially have a discussion with a nurse or doctor by phone if you prefer.  Following your initial assessment appointment by phone or at the abortion service, you’ll either:

-Have your medication delivered to you

What is Abortion pills?

An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy, it is also sometimes known as a termination.

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, you are not alone. 1 in 3 UK women will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

How soon can I get an abortion?

Most abortions in Scotland, around 75%, are carried out before a pregnancy reaches 9 weeks and almost all, around 98%, are performed before 20 weeks.

The earlier an abortion is carried out, the easier and safer the procedure is. However, you should take enough time to consider all your options to be as comfortable as possible with your decision.

When do I need to make my decision?

It is important that you feel certain your decision is the right one for you. However, even if you are not completely sure, you should contact your clinic to arrange a consultation.

If you’re not sure how long you’ve been pregnant, you may need an ultrasound scan.

Getting advice early on will give you more time to make a decision if you’re unsure.

Why choose a private Abortion Clinic in London?

If you are considering terminating your pregnancy, it is of paramount importance that you receive the safest care possible from experienced and compassionate experts. The right to decide is yours, and here at our pregnancy termination clinic, we aim to provide you with the best available options when it comes to private pregnancy termination in London.

What are the Treatment Options available at a Leading Abortion Clinic in London?

At Neo  Women Clinic, we are experts in delivering a comprehensive range of abortion care services along with aftercare support to women across London. Whether you seek medical termination of pregnancy or private abortion in London, we can help you out with terminating your unwanted pregnancy in the best possible manner.

The decision to go for pregnancy termination might arise out of a wide number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for women to seek an abortion is depression & anxiety due to an unplanned pregnancy


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