Which birth control method is best

Which birth control method is best? Each contraception method has its pros and cons. It is best to learn about the different methods during an appointment with us, where you can decide which suits you best.+27638167664

How do I know that I am pregnant?

If you have missed your period, take a home pregnancy test or book an appointment with us to find out for sure if you are pregnant. You may also experience morning sickness, having breast changes/pain, fatigue or light-headedness.

When should I have my first gynaecological exam?

Your first exam should take start when you are around 21 years old (or sooner if you are sexually active) and should be done annually.

What Are The Risks of birth control pills?

  • There is a risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy, which is double the likelihood of occurring during the average pregnancy.
  • Expectant mothers will have an increased risk of developing pre-eclampsia.
  • An increased risk of the foetus having a neural tube defect such as spina bifida or alternative developmental defects like cardiac defects, limb defects and a cleft palate.
  • A higher risk of developing urinary tract infections, which may lead to preterm labour.
  • During labour: There is a likelihood that labour can take longer, meaning that there is a higher chance of a caesarean section.

Consult Your Doctor When It Comes To Prescription Medication

Prior to falling pregnant, some women take daily medication for different ailments and illnesses and need to consult their doctor as soon as possible when finding out they’re pregnant. While doctors will always prescribe pregnancy-safe medications, it’s beneficial to know the avoidable ones as well. Those avoidable prescription medications are:

  • Certain acne medications such as Accutane are highly likely to cause birth defects. . If trying to conceive, stop acne medication months in advance.
  • Some seizure meds may need to be stopped if possible. These include valproic acid, but again you need to consult with your doctor regarding this chronic medication.

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